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Did you know? Babies are born with all 20 primary teeth underneath the gumline... and these teeth start to surface anywhere on average from 3 to 12 months. Some babies will suffer from all the teething symptons, and others will teeth and you will be none the wiser (I wish that was the case for mine). All teeth should be through by age 3.

So if your baby is teething, how can you tell? We have listed some of the signs and symptoms to keep a look out for:

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So you need a baby shower gift and you have no idea what to buy? We are here to help! Being a team of mums here ourselves, we like to think we have a good idea as to what we found useful. Our top 10 include: 1. Love to Dream swaddles - these are honestly the best! They come in a range of colours and weights, so lightweight for those hot nights and heavier weight for the cooler months. They help in creating a routine for bubs, nappy change then zip into swaddle, meaning time for sleep. They also last...

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Silicone teething jewellery, silicone teething necklace, sinchies, teething baby, teething jewellery, teething jewellery for mums -

We've teamed up with Award winning Brand, Sinchies reusable pouches to create an environmentally friendly packaging alternative.  Sinchies reusable, eco- friendly, BPA free, plastic pouches now have a dual use. Not only will you receive your order using these pouches to house your Bubba Chew jewel or teether, but you can now keep these pouches and use them for storing snacks, lefts over dinners, crackers, frozen fruit for smoothies or use them as a wet bag! Featuring thick durable plastic and a ziplock seal, they are strong and sturdy & moisture resistant.  Bubba Chew business owner Renee was keen to make sure that the business always had the...

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Bubba Chew Silicone Jewellery and Teethers have collaborated with Multi Award winning Australian brand, Sinchies to create sustainable packaging for Bubba Chew products. All products will now be packaged in the reuseable Sinchies Sandwich bags.  Sinchies reusable ziplock bags aren’t only ideal for sandwiches and litter free lunches, but have 101 other uses - storing and freezing leftover dinners, making smoothie packs in advance (just grab one out and whiz it up), storing blocks of cheese or grating your own (to avoid the unnecessary additives in pre-grated cheese), and as a first aid kit - to name a few! Bubba Chew and...

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