Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

So you need a baby shower gift and you have no idea what to buy? We are here to help! Being a team of mums here ourselves, we like to think we have a good idea as to what we found useful. Our top 10 include:

1. Love to Dream swaddles - these are honestly the best! They come in a range of colours and weights, so lightweight for those hot nights and heavier weight for the cooler months. They help in creating a routine for bubs, nappy change then zip into swaddle, meaning time for sleep. They also last for years, so perfect to hand me down, or keep for future babies. 

2. Bibs - bibs are useful for teething, eating and every day wear for the dribbly baby, and you never have enough. The Bubba Chew Muslin bibs are perfect for every day wear as they are soft and light weight. The bibs help protect their clothes from becoming wet and uncomfortable when dribbling. 

3. Personalised Teething Toys - These are great for babies during teething, but also make a keepsake for years to come. Our Bubba Chew Wooden Teething Toys are all handmade here in Australia by our wood artisan. To have your teether personalised just leave a note in the order.

4. Zip Onesies - Bonds zip up onesies are so handy. When bub is crying because they want to be held or fed, mums/dads/carers can become stressed, and if you are buttoning up a onesie, you will more than likely do it up wrong, leaving you a button short at the end. You dont have that problem with a zippy, you just zip it up quick!

5. Portable change mat. We recommend the Kalencom change mats, as they hold your nappies, baby wipes and nappy bags in easy to zip pockets. It is also easy to wipe clean after each change.

6. Baby Monitor - these don't need to be expensive. Ours has always been just sound, without the monitor and it has worked just fine. We can be at ease knowing we can hear sniffles, coughs and cries. Ours is the oricom brand and has been working well, non stop for 4 years. 

7. Muslin Swaddles - these come in handy for everything... perfect to use as a breastfeeding cover, to swaddle new borns to sleep if you run out of love to dream swaddles, to place over prams if you are in the shops and want to keep light out, burp cloth, or as a mat for the ground if you are out and about. They fit easily into your baby bag and we never left home without one.

8. Spoutie Sippy cups - sippy cups in general are so handy, especially as bub hits 6 months and becomes more independant. The Bubba Chew Spoutie Sippy Cups fit over any cup, can be used when eating out, like when you order a kids milkshake and they bring it out in a normal cup without a lid - every parents worst nightmare, as you wait for the milkshake to be knocked over at any moment. The sippy cup lids just slip over the top of the cup providing a spill proof cup - perfect for ages 6 months to 4 to 5 years.

9. Silicone Jewellery -  is stylish, and practical. It is perfect to wear when breastfeeding as it provides bubs with tactile stimulation whilst feeding, meaning as they get older and more inquisitive they will spend more time feeding and playing with the beads then stopping and looking around to see whats going on around them. The breakaway clasp also ensures that if they tug to hard the necklace wont break but will instead break open allowing you to reconnect again and again. The necklace can also be washed in warm soapy water or wiped over with a baby wipe.

10. Sinchies reusable pouches - we love Sinchies here, mainly because they are a genius idea. They are great for the environment as they are reusable and save you money as you can buy snacks in bulk and divide up into snack size portions for kids. For example we use our pouches for yoghurt - we either make our own yoghurt in the thermomix or we buy yoghurt in larger size packs and divide up into individual pouches which the kids can then feed themselves. We also use the sandwich bags for sandwiches at daycare/preschool and other snacks including pretzels, cut up fruit, bliss balls etc. Perfect for back to school ...

These are our top 10 ideas, we have plenty more ideas but this is a great start! 

baby shower gift ideas

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