Silicone Necklaces and Teething Accessories For Modern mums

Australian-owned and loved worldwide since 2013

Babies typically get their first tooth poking through at six months of age, though they can actually start this stage in their development at as early as three months. The last tooth, a secondary molar, is usually seen coming through at three years of age – this means there may be a few challenges on the cards for you and your little one.

During these periods, your baby will display signs of discomfort and pain – both of which can be soothed with our range of teething rings, wooden and silicone beads, jewellery and sensory chew toys.

Bubba Chew: The perfect gift for mum and bub

Designed by mum for mums. Our range features unique designs that are completely non-toxic and 100% Austrlaian-owned, but loved worldwide since 2013.

Why do mums love our range?

We offer a safe collection of nursing necklaces and sensory chew toys for babies to play with while feeding (no more sharp claws to the chest and chin). Additionally, we have chewable amber necklaces available for natural relief, and bibs to soak up baby dribble – and plenty more!

Why do kids love our range?

Our baby teething necklaces can assist in calming and self soothing children who have anxiety and sensory differences. Safe, non toxic and affordable range of chew options, including breastfeeding necklaces, are available.

An extensive collection of baby jewellery online

Silicone teethers are the preferred method for soothing babies during these difficult phases. Our variety of baby jewellery includes a variety of designs, including wooden teethers, sensory chew toys and amber teething jewellery. All of these are available to purchase online, with free delivery across Australia on orders over $50. As a result, many of our happy customers stock up on multiple options, as we – like all mums and dads – know that you can never have too many on hand.

Some of the more popular shapes in our range include koalas, clouds, unicorns, French fries (yum!), crowns for the prince or princess and a selection of rattle- style sensory toys as well.

How to choose the right design for your little one

When trying to take your pick from our range, it is important to take the following into account:

  • Your baby’s age – are their first few chompers pushing through? If this is the case, you may require a slightly firmer sensory chew toy, because this can often be a more painful period of time. During these stages, you may find your child displays signs of discomfort.
  • Materials and construction – silicone teethers are common, while wooden ones are popular for the gummy period when ‘white caps’ are starting to show. Most importantly, ensure your products are BPA-free and non-toxic – like all our baby jewellery and teething toys on offer.
  • Styles and shapes – rings that have an assortment of shapes and textures are a great way for your bub to engage in learning during this period. Additionally keep a few different shapes ready, so your child has options if you need backups or variety.
  • Textures and firmness – our options come in a range of different tactile and sensory textures, as well as the relative firmness. Wooden teethers, for example, tend to be more firm while you can also opt for get soft-gel like silicone versions as well. Choosing a range of different ones are a great way to help your baby discover and improve their senses.

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