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Australian Sensory Teething Chewable Necklaces, Toys & Rings Online

Unique designs featuring non-toxic materials. 100% Australian-owned and loved worldwide, since 2013.

Discover an extensive collection of teething rings and toys online

Having a new bouncing baby in your life is a time for joy and happiness, but mums – both new and experienced – know how difficult it can be when teething time comes around.

Babies typically get their first tooth poking through at six months of age, though they can actually start this phase of development from as early as three months. The last tooth, a secondary molar, is usually seen coming through at three years of age.

During these periods, your baby will display signs of discomfort and pain – both of which can be soothed with our range of bead necklaces, baby jewellery and silicone teethers.

Why choose from our selection of sensory chew toys in Australia?

Silicone baby teethers – also known as teething rings – are the preferred method for soothing babies during these difficult phases. Bubba Chew’s variety of chew necklaces, silicone and wooden teethers, sensory chews, and teething jewellery are all available to purchase online, with free delivery across Australia on orders over $50. As a result, many of our happy customers stock up on multiple options, as we – like all mums and dads – know that you can never have too many on hand.

Some of the more popular shapes across our wooden and silicone teething toy range include koalas, clouds, unicorns, French fries (yum!), crowns for the prince or princess and a selection of rattle-style options as well.

Explore high-quality baby jewellery online – available Australia-wide

If you are looking for teething necklaces for babies, or well-made sensory chew toys and accessories in Australia, we’ve designed our range at Bubba Chew to be the answer.

We are dedicated to keeping both mum and bub happy – from breastfeeding with ease, through to your baby’s developmental moments. Australian-designed, our baby jewellery is inspired by each season’s fashion trends and will instantly change how you keep you on top of your ‘mum game’.

For the easily distracted bubba, our playful shapes, textures colourful designs will keep them entertained and focused during feeding. Designed to be easy to clean, all of our nursing necklaces for babies in our range feature a breakaway clasp – which will pop open when tugged on by little fingers, ensuring extra safety and reducing the chances of your any tangling.

Additionally, all of our products are made with BPA-free, non-toxic food-grade silicone and locally sourced wooden beads.

This stage of your little one’s life is a very exciting time, as you sit and wait for the first tooth to appear. But also a very difficult and trying time as well, with the drooling, and the fussing and crying that goes along with it. On top of it all, your little one is growing and developing – with teeth trying to pop through those tiny gums.

These moments can be very painful, and as babies cannot express their pain or frustration clearly, our amber teething necklaces can be linked to helping relieve the pain and discomfort they may be experiencing.

To find out more about our range of high-quality baby accessories, bibs and more, get in touch by filling in our online contact form.