FAQ's & Safety

    • Can I give my Bubba Chew necklace to a child?
      No - all of Bubba Chew's Silicone necklaces are to be worn by adults ONLY and are NOT a toy. Our jewellery is made from silicone that is food grade, non toxic and free from BPA ,Phthalates, PVC, cadmium and lead.                                                                
    • What about your bangles?
      Yes – all of our bangles can be munched and chewed on by babies and do not pose a choking hazard.
    • What about the Bubba Chew kids range?
      Our kids range is designed for children 3 years + to wear. Bubba Chews kids range is not suitable for children under 3 yrs. 

    • What are your products made of?
      All of the silicone in our necklaces, bangles and teethers are made of 100% non-toxic silicone, are free from BPA ,Phthalates, PVC, cadmium and lead. All of the silicone in our products has been independently tested and passes the toxicity testing.
    • Where are your products made?
      Bubba Chew's range of necklaces are handmade right here in Australia on the NSW Central Coast. Whilst we source the beads and bangles from an international supplier, all of our creations are uniquely designed and made by us in our clean and meticulously maintained studio. 

    • How do I clean the silicone on my Bubba Chew product?
      As with any product that you purchase for personal use (for you or baby ) you should ensure the product is clean and perfect condition prior to use. To clean our products simply wash in warm soapy water and allow to dry or alternatively if you are out and about simply wipe over with a baby wipe.

    • How can I adjust the length of my necklace?
      Should you wish to shorten your necklace, simply slide the clasp down, then cut the cord to the desired length, leaving 1cm for the knot. Retie a knot at the end and slide the clasp over the top.
    • How do I open the clasp?
      Our breakaway safety clasp as an added safety measure for your necklace. To open the clasp simply place your thumb on each side of the clasp and push down. 

    • Do you have insurance?
      Yes, Bubba Chew is fully insured in Australia AND internationally. If you are a existing or new stockist and would like to discuss this please contact us

    • What's the best way to display or store my Bubba Chew products?
      We love to see our bright and colourful products out on display in store and on mums dresser! We sell a handmade jewellery stand (custom made) which displays our range beautifully in store or in your home.

    For more information regarding the safe use of silicone beads please click here