Sensory Range

Sensory Chew Range

Does your child bite their fingers, chew on their clothes, or other items? Our Chew Buddy pendants are perfect for children who need to be orally soothed.

The Bubba Chew range of sensory teething toys – such as pencil toppers and sensory chew necklaces – provide productive outlets through a safe, satisfying approach, preventing your child from nibbling on inappropriate or potentially harmful items.

These chewable products are designed to be colourful and provide added benefits across the board:

  • Chewable pencil toppers add weight to the pencil for enhanced hand awareness and make the pencil more comfortable to write with and hold.
  • Our chewable puzzle pieces also help your child with coordination and reasoning when putting the pieces together.
  • The ice cream and donut sensory toys offer a vibrant touch and a textured feel to help support the sense of touch.

Special needs children and babies may require a wide range of sensory chew toys to be on hand, so having a selection at-the-ready often helps parents needing solutions. Opt to keep a few more in storage, just in case you need a selection or backups available. In some cases, giving them only one at a time may be the best option, but most parents are able to quickly learn which approach works best when testing out different products.