Teething, signs and symptoms!

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Teething, signs and symptoms!

Did you know? Babies are born with all 20 primary teeth underneath the gumline... and these teeth start to surface anywhere on average from 3 to 12 months. Some babies will suffer from all the teething symptons, and others will teeth and you will be none the wiser (I wish that was the case for mine). All teeth should be through by age 3.

So if your baby is teething, how can you tell? We have listed some of the signs and symptoms to keep a look out for:

Rubbing toys on gums: You may see bub putting everything into their mouth and biting down, doing this can help with the pain of the tooth pushing through the gum.

Solution: Bubba Chew Teethers are soft, chewy and tactile, perfect for soothing those sore gums.

Biting you or others: Our baby would bite down on our shoulder, which was very painful for us but whenever he did it we could be sure there was another tooth on the way.

Solution: Our teething mittens are perfect, just place on their hand and then they have something soft to bite with a tactile sensation whenever they require.

Dribbling: Babies tend to dribble more when teeth are coming through, for reasons unknown...

Solution: Our Bubba Chew muslin bibs for the drool! These are light weight and will soak up the dribble so bub can stay dry and comfortable.

Irritable: Most babies will be irritable while teeth are popping through, wouldn't you be?

Solution: When all else fails, pain relief such as children's Panadol can be effective pain reliever.

Another way to tell is to look inside their mouth and see if you can find any white spots coming through... the easiest way to do this is to lay the baby on your knees whilst you are sitting, then tickle slightly and they will open their mouth, this is your chance to get a quick look. Otherwise wash your hands and you can also feel around the gums for any lumps.


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