What Mum's REALLY want for Christmas. Our top 5 gifts for Mum.

What Mum's REALLY want for Christmas. Our top 5 gifts for Mum.

I have to be honest, yes - I have received mum gifts that I didn't like.

Don't get me wrong it's not that I don't appreciate the thought, but sometimes the thought hasn't really been a priority. For example last year I was given a $5 coffee mug with big bird on it and one year I hinted hard for a charm bracelet and got a phone charger instead. FAIL.

Yes, Christmas is about love and sharing good times with family and loved ones but mums are the ones who have spent the time and effort to ensure our family gets what they really want this Christmas. We've worried about how much to spend, written lists, braved the lines, scoured the catalogues and been out on gift finding missions. While we're at it... we are also the ones who wrap the pressies.

You will see from our list that this year it isn't at all about "things" we're all on the minimalist war path and are happy to accept experiences that will make us feel relaxed, happy and at peace with ourselves.

So here is our "What Mum's REALLY want for Christmas" top 5 shopping list to help out those who need a BIG hint in the gift selecting area! They don't need to be expensive and there are always affordable alternatives to a first class ticket to Hawaii of course.

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1. A relaxation massage.

It doesn't have to be at the most expensive day spa in town who will charge $250 an hour. Just jump online search for a locally owned beautician and pop in and buy a voucher. Trust us, mum will LOVE IT. It may take her 12 months to use it though so make sure it is valid for a decent amount of time and MAKE SURE you arrange a day for her to do it while the kids are taken care of and she can relax.

2.  A night away, alone or with her girlfriends.

This is basically guaranteeing Mum will get a sleep in and some "me" time. Again it doesn't have to be at an expensive resort. There's plenty of amazing options these days with Air BnB's or just ask Mums friends where they think she would like to go. Somewhere peaceful on the water would be perfect.

3. A new dress or two.

I recently went to a wedding where a friend was wearing a gorgeous red dress. When I asked her where she got it she said her husband had bought it and a couple of others online for her as a surprise on her birthday. I was so taken back, it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever heard of a partner doing for their significant other. We know you will no doubt freak at the thought so you can always get a voucher but wearing something your family has picked for you is an amazing feeling.

4. Makeup lesson voucher.

This one may be hard to source but it is worth it. Some of us are starting to feel a little out of the loop with what's hot and what's not! A refresher lesson could be just what we need to make us still feel apart of society! Try local makeup artists or a department store like Myer or DJ's.

5. A cleaner.

Ok, ok - so we can't ALL afford a cleaner to come in once a week. If you already have one - you're one lucky mother. If you can afford to put the money aside for someone to come in once a month to help mum out she will LOVE LOVE LOVE this gift. It isn't really about the cleaner, its about giving mum some down time from housework aka groundhog day.

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