Teething Toys and our top tips for teething...

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Teething Toys and our top tips for teething...

Here at Bubba Chew we offer a range of Teething Toys including our own line of exclusive designs as well as Nature Bubz Teethers. 

How can teething toys help?

Teething is painful for babies, can cause them to be irritable, tired, whingey. Carers of teething babies need to look for symptoms and help their little ones overcome their teething pain. 

So what are our top tips based on our own motherly experiences you ask? Well here they are:

1. Teethers to chew on. Silicone teethers are soft and squishy and provide resistance when bub bites down, help to relieve the pain of sore gums. While wooden teething toys are harder they can provide an alternate texture and provide more resistance. We have found via own own babies, that some prefer the wood over silicone and vice versa - it tends to be a textural thing.

2. Nurofen or Panadol - if bub is in serious pain, and this varies from baby to baby depending on pain threshold, then we suggest pain relief in the form of nurofen/panadol to assist. This is helpful closer to sleep times, so that bub is able to rest and better handle the pain of teething. 

3. Place teether and wet washer in the freezer for a while before giving to bub. The coldness of the teething toy/washer can provide extra relief to those sore gums.

4. Bonjela - this can help provide numbing of the gums, it is short term, but can be helpful.

We hope you find our list useful!


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