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Routines for babies? A series of tips for new parents!

0 to 4 weeks - What should your baby be doing?

Gosh I remember the first 4 weeks so clearly... everyday was a blur, i was tired, breastfeeding was bloody hard and my baby cried a lot and didn't sleep much. It was such a shock to the system, and one that no one can prepare you for... I was coping but not without the help of my husband, my sister and my mum. A support network for new mums is vital. Its the little things like someone to chat too, help with the nappy changes, washing (and loads of it), to answer your questions, to watch bub while you shower or have a nap. Someone to help tidy the house, or grab a few groceries. All of these tasks were once easy, but all of a sudden become a huge task whereby you pack a nappy bag to last you a week on a deserted island, god forbid you forget the wipes, the nappies, the change mat, the dirty nappy bags, the formula and the extra formula... you get the jist. 

Then when you finally get it all together you start to think, maybe bubs needs a routine? I wonder what i should be doing?

I am sure you have read somewhere about the feed, sleep, play cycle. Basically your baby will wake up, feed, play (lay on a play mat/swing chair/pram etc), then settle back to sleep. This is obviously in the perfect world, but its a nice guide to at least know what you should be working towards.

Did you know? Babies need at least 15 to 17 hours sleep per day in these early weeks

For us, we spent nearly 1 hour feeding, first we would try to breastfeed, then we would top up with formula.

Next up was a nappy change and some mat time. My baby preferred to be held, so I jumped online and bought a baby bjorn so that i could still do household chores and carry her around with me. To settle bub for her sleep i would nappy change again,  wrap her up tight in a swaddle, then rock in the bassinet.

Night time routine was a little different as we added in a bath, then feed, nappy change and bed. Hubby always did a dream feed so that i could get to bed and at least get a small chunk of sleep in.

These 4 weeks really do fly past, so between the exhaustion, and the coming to grips with a complete lifestyle overhaul take a few moments to enjoy your new bundle!

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