Oral sensory solutions

Oral sensory solutions

Did you know we have a Chew Buddy range here at Bubba Chew?

Chew Buddy is a range of fun yet safe chew accessories for children 3+ years.

According to the team at Occupational Therapy for Children, oral moor skills develop whilst babies are in the womb. Babies suck their thumb, dummy or chew on teethers in order to self soothe. As they grow they can sometimes replace these products with other things such as the sleeve of their jumper and pencils, pens etc.

Chewing or sucking is linked to the body's nervous system, and it can control our sleep/wake cycle, can relieve stress, promote calmness and alertness. Think about it in relation to a dummy, we give a baby a dummy and as they suck they calm down and can often fall asleep. Compare this when you eat something crunchy, this will make you more alert...

Hence the chew products for children can assist in calming a child in high stress situations. Do you notice moments when your child is anxious, is it at drop off for pre school or day care, is it at the shops when there is alot of noise, people and lights? This is times that chewing on something might calm your child.

If you have concerns it is always recommended you speak with an OT or occupational therapist as they can give you a diagnosis as well as strategies you can employ to help your child.

In order to book in OT appointment, you have 2 options, first being see your GP and ask for a referral to the OT that would be located in your local health district. Alternatively, book in with a private OT. The private option is a much quicker route and will mean you can get in asap, whereas public you will be placed on a waiting list.

Our Chew Buddy range will also be able to assist, we have donuts, ice creams, round pendants and robot pencil toppers to choose from.

Feel free to visit for more information https://occupationaltherapychildren.com.au/chewing-through-the-facts/

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