New Products -  Jack N' Jill now available

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New Products - Jack N' Jill now available

Jack N' Jill products have been a go to for my family and I decided I would love nothing more than introducing you to these amazing natural products.

It all started with the toothpaste, finger brushes and now toothbrushes (the teething gel wasn't around when mine were teething). The quality was exceptional, the taste was very popular with the kids and i knew i was doing the right thing using natural organic products. I stuck with it, and then the thought sparked that I should share these products with you all! So here is a little information about the latest products to hit our virtual shelves:

Jack N' Jill Teething Gel is especially useful during the emerging teeth stage, providing temporary relief of teething symptons including restlessness, irritability and sore gums.

The Jack N' Jill silicone finger brush will assist in applying the gel and also providing relief to sore gums.

Once the tooth has emerged you can continue to use the brushes along with the Jack N' Jill natural toothpaste.This toothpaste has my kids brushing their teeth numerous times a day because they just love the flavour.

Also when baby brushes their teeth for the first year or so they tend to swallow the toothpaste, thus a natural alternative is a great option. 

Not only are you choosing a great product for your baby's first dental hygiene experience you are supporting Aussie businesses. Jack N' Jill and Bubba Chew are both family owned, offering quality, tried and tested products. Both businesses understand their obligation to the environment therefore packaging where possible is minimal, recyclable, reusable and BPA Free. 

Yours in teething!



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