Mothers Day Gift ideas

Mothers Day Gift ideas

Mothers Day in Australia is only weeks away!  So what are some of our top gifts ideas?

Here at Bubba Chew we have a huge range of silicone jewellery. The perfect gift for a new mum. 

Bubba Chew jewellery is tactile, colourful and provides a distraction for baby while mum is nursing. Remember that age where baby becomes aware of their surroundings and all of a sudden is distracted by noises and people walking past. Breastfeeding becomes lengthy as you try and keep bub focused on feeding. Bubba Chew jewellery provides a solution to this problem by allowing baby to fidget with the jewellery and focus on the task at hand, feeding! The necklaces feature breakaway clasps, so cant break, and can be cleaned easily with a baby wipe.


Even mums who are not nursing will appreciate a gift from Bubba Chew. The jewellery is unbreakable which is so handy, and it brightens up your outfit, taking the focus of the fact you've most likely had only a few hours sleep... 

So If you needed more reasons, then know that our jewellery is non toxic, its designed and assembled in Australia by mums, and every time you support small business, you make these mums do a little happy dance, and help each of us support our little families!

What else do mums want, well folks here are our top 4:

1. A day at the spa - Buy mum a voucher for a massage, pedi, mani or facial or even better all of the above. You can buy gift vouchers for spas at Woolworths and Coles,  could it get any easier?

day spa

2. Take mum out to dinner and the movies - Our top picks are Blockers (hilarious) or I feel pretty (Can't beat an Amy Schumer film).


3. Something made - you can't beat a cute handmade gift from your loved ones. Honestly, i treasure the handmade gifts i receive, nothing beats knowing that your little loves have spent time creating something special for their mum.

4. Last not but not least the Bathtub Caddy - We know its left field, but this hot item is so practical... you can balance a glass of wine, a cake of soap and a good book on these, allowing mum to relax in a nice hot bath and not even leave the house (hint - you can pick these up at Kmart, well not this exact one, but a close replica).

We hope our list assists those buying for a mum this Mothers Day!

Love the BC team! x

Mothers day gifts

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