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doTERRA Oils

With the cold season fast approaching, and being mums here at BC we are always looking for products that can help our families beat the sniffles... and then we found doTERRA!

doTERRA oils are the most tested and trusted oils and have developed the expertise and commitment required to derive these unique oils directly from the best sources in the world.

Because we are always on the search for products for our families, we have decided to stock doTERRA oils in a bid to supply our customers with a range of teething relief options as well as products that can assist parenting in other ways such as helping relieve the symptoms of the common cold using natural yet effective alternatives.

In the coming weeks we will have some oils for sale via the site, and based on your feedback and our own we will look to grow this range of products.

We will also be posting blogs on how you can use the oils and what benefits they provide. 

If you are interested in ordering ASAP you can do

so here:






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  • Kirra

    My friend swears by doTERRA breathe easy for her daughter – I’d be interested in giving it a go. She says it helps keep the daycare germs at arms length

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