Baby showers on a budget

Top five tips on how to host a baby shower on a tight budget!

Baby showers are a great way for friends and family to get together and celebrate the impending arrival of a gorgeous new baby. As you know having a baby is an expensive exercise, there is the new pram, cot, bassinet, capsule or car seat or both, sometimes you need to upgrade your car, do up the nursery, nappies, bottles, wipes, burp clothes, clothes, teethers, swaddles... and the list goes on! Baby showers can really help you tick some of those needed items off the list. But baby showers in themselves can cost a small fortune, so we are going to share our tips for hosting a shower on a budget.

Tip one: Look on ebay for second hand baby shower decorations - they are generally only used once so will be in good enough condition and for a fraction of the price.

Tip two: Do your own catering and ask if anyone wants to bring a dish. People really love to contribute and cooking is an easy way to help out. 

Tip three: Host the baby shower at home. This will saves lots on room hire fees, and it will be so much easier than having to cart all the catering there and back.

Tip four: Set up an event on Facebook and invite and communicate with guests via this channel, for non FB friends, just send them an email invitation. Saves paper and saves money.

Tip five: Bake your favours - make people some home baked cookies and box them up.. cheaper and more personal.

Baby showers are really for catching up with friends and family, so keep it simple and have fun!


Renee and the BC Team x

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