Amber Beaded Necklaces

You asked and we responded! We had lots of requests for Amber beaded necklaces or also referred to as Amber teething necklaces, but we never found the right supplier until now. We have found a reputable brand in Australia that is distributing a lovely small range of these gorgeous necklaces.

So you ask, what is Amber beaded necklaces and how can they help during the teething months? Well Amber is fossilised tree resin, or sap. When the bark of a tree has been damaged – a tree cut down or there has been an interruption in the integrity of hard outer bark – sap leaches out. If this is left undisturbed, over time the resin solidifies to a rock like hardness. Amber bead necklaces are made from polished chips of this resin.

Amber necklaces are thought to release oils that are absorbed through babies skin.

The necklaces also contain an element called Succinic Acid which is said to deliver the beneficial properties of the amber bead necklaces. Historically, Succinic Acid was used as an anti-inflammatory agent and to alleviate various aches and pains. When ground up and pulverised, it was used in baths and immersions. Now Succinic Acid is used predominately in the food and beverage industry and as a sweetener for foods.

Amber bead necklace benefits are said to be varied, though include anti-inflammatory, soothing, calming and to work as a general restorative.

You can purchase your Amber beaded necklace and Bubba Chew Bib pack (both teething essentials) here:

Amber Teething Necklace

For more information on Amber Beaded necklaces visit:

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