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Teething Baby

So this week i have had the wonderful opportunity to experience first hand what it's like to have a teething baby ... We tried hylands teething tablets, bonjella, and even Panadol ... And bubba chew silicone teething items ... then i decided to ask the bubba chew facebook mums if they had any hints or tips, please see below their suggestions:

* A squeeze of fresh lemon on your finger then rub on bubs gums

* Try putting a damp face washer in the freezer then give to bubs, but make sure it is only damp otherwise it will get too hard and drip. It is also a great way to get them to have water too.

* Crushed ice cubes in mesh bags, amber teething necklace?

* Nurofen!!!

* Frozen banana in a mesh feeder

* Icy cold teething rings and lots of cuddles!!

* Steamed and then frozen carrots or Broccolini.

* Brauers teething relief from chemist.

* I found nurofen works better then panadol... ice in a teething ring...

* Teething stones, they can be purchased from chemist.

I havent tried all of the above tips, but slowly working my way through the list. I hoped it helps your teething bubba's.

Lots of Love

The Bubba Chew team xx

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