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Jewellery & teething teethers for mums & bubs

Bubba Chew isn't Teething Jewellery, rather jewellery for mums that is soft to touch, features a safety breakaway clasp and BPA free meaning it contains no nasties! This means if curious hands grab at your jewellery and tug on it, you can rest assured that the necklace wont break, rather it will unclip and then you can just reclip it back on. And should bub for any reason put the necklace near their mouth you can rest assured that there are no sharp edges or chemical nasties... Bubba Chew jewellery came about after the arrival of our now 7 months old, baby girl Charlotte. Bubba Chew jewellery comes in handy when i am out and about, i can pull off my teething bangle and Charlotte will happily sit and play with it, leaving me precious time to finish a coffee and chat with friends... Charlotte also loves the teethers, I can attach them to her pram or high chair using the safety clasp and hand these to her and again she happily plays with it, banging on the table or chewing them! And it doesnt matter if she gets it dirty as all jewellery & teethers can be washed with warm soapy water or wiped over with a baby wipe. I hope you and your bubba's get much peace, quiet and enjoyment out of the jewellery & teething teethers as we do.



The Bubba Chew team xx

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