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About Us

Bubba Chew Silicone Jewellery & Teething Products was created by a mum for mums! Wanting to stay stylish even after bub was born, and always loving to wear jewellery as an easy way to dress up an outfit I needed jewellery that was practical.

Silicone jewellery is the perfect accessory for mums, by combining style and safety, each necklace is made from food grade silicone and is BPA ,Phthalates, PVC, cadmium and lead FREE, so should bub place the *necklace in their mouth whilst you are holding them (and as mums we know that babies are inquisitive and love to taste anything they can get their hands on), you can rest assured that the silicone will be soft on their gums, and contains no nasties.

The benefits of our jewellery range is that it is stylish for mum to wear, and can be helpful when nursing as the bright colours and textures provide bub with something to grab and hold which can assist while feeding especially when out and about.

Our designs also feature an exposed cord, so that you can adjust the length accordingly and avoids your hair getting stuck between the beads. Necklaces also feature a breakaway clasp so if bub pulls too hard the necklace will release instead of breaking.

Our teethers range is a combination of Silicone teethers and Beechwood teethers. The Beechwood teethers are designed by Bubba Chew and made by our Australian supplier using high quality European Beechwood. 

*Please note that the ACCC advises that their are risks associated with silicone jewellery if they do not meet the same standards as "TEETHING TOYS" click here for more information

Our nursing beads range, are BPA free and non toxic, but the beads are smaller and if left unsupervised with a baby/toddler unsupervised could pose a choking hazard. http://www.bubbachew.com.au/collections/silicone-jewellery


Bubba Chew Silicone Jewellery is designed and handmade here in our Australian jewellery studio using imported components, which means we are always creating new and unique designs. Our teethers are designed here, with the silicone range imported and our Beechwood range hand crafted here in Australia.

We hope you love Bubba Chew as much as we do!
PLEASE NECKLACES ARE FOR ADULTS TO WEAR - they are not a toy and not intended for children under 3 years.
WARNING: The necklace is NOT a toy and does contain small parts that can be a choking hazard and the long cord can be a strangulation risk. Check product for irregularities and is recommended to discard after 6 months of use. 


 The Bubba Chew Team