NEW Bubba Chew - Giraffe Teether plus rattle

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Bubba Chew teethers are BPA, Phthalates, PVC, cadmium and lead FREE - Safe for Bub! 
This teether is also makes using nano silver silicone which inhibits the growth of bacteria, making the teether even safer for bub. 
Why are Bubba Chew teethers the best teethers for babies?
  • They feature a textured side, aiding in teething relief for bubs
  • Available in bright colours the teether is attractive to bub
  • Bubba Chew teethers are easily cleaned in warm soapy water, dishwasher safe or you could wipe over with a baby wipe
  • Our teethers are non toxic
  • Includes built in rattle that makes a soft soothing noise when shaken
  • Size: 99 x 88.5mm rattle width (35.5mm)


WARNING:  Check product for irregularities and is recommended to discard after 6 months of use.