New Bubba Chew Natural Wooden Horse Teether toy

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A Bubba Chew creation!

These lovely wooden teething toys make a wonderful gift for bubs, especially when teeth are cutting and the gums are itchy.  

Why are Bubba Chew teethers the best teethers for babies?
  • Toys are easy to grip even with the smallest palm.
  • Bubba Chew Wooden Teethers are made from the highest quality Beechwood (contaminate free), right here in Australia.
  • Each teether is sealed in 100% pure food grade Tung oil. Oil closes the tiny pores in the wood making the toy easier to clean and helps it last longer.
  • Wood is naturally anti-bacterial, non-allergenic, and non-toxic material. It is tough, durable, safe for your child and environment.

Wooden teething toys are suitable for babies from 3 months of age.

Please note that the HORSE TEETHER can be personalised. 

Each teether can be customised with your child's name, for just an additional $3.00 - please add the name as a note when placing the order and allow for additional time.