Bubba Chew - Dummy Clip & Bib Pack

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Bubba Chew Dummy Clip and Bib pack - 0nly $36.95 including shipping (Valued at $41.90)

Bubba Chew now stocks Nature Bubz Dummy clips. These (soother holders) have been tested and certified to EN12586. Being high risk items - compliance to these standards is mandatory.

We have the Dummy clips available in 3 colours:

  • Seafoam
  • Pale pink
  • Marble

Each Dummy clip has been made from high-quality silicone beads with beech hardwood accent beads that have been finished in Nature Bubzs' handmade blend of Australian certified organic beeswax and olive oil.

Bubba Chew Muslin bibs are made from 100% muslin cotton - each pack contains 2 x bibs.