New Pikanini Bibs

New Pikanini Bibs

Bibs and teethers go hand in hand... baby teethes and drools and the bib helps keep bub dry and clean. So why not be stylish during this awful and uncomfortable stage of your teething life... Our current supplier, Saxon Rose bibs decided it was time to close their doors, so we went on the hunt to find another great supplier, and I think we have been successful. 

The NEW Pikanini Bandana Bibs are different from other bibs available on the market. Each bib is reversible and can be worn either way, with the absorbent lining in the centre. Double the fun for the cost of one! The curved neck ensures a snug fit while two strong fasteners can be adjusted to give the perfect fit. All Pikanini designs are available in limited numbers and new designs are always popping up in the store.

AND...Pikanini Bibs are made here in Australia hence another reason why we love them!

We hope you love them too...

pikanini bib collage

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